As part of my mission to help people to have a happier experience of life and work, I started offering free workshops for working parents, in partnership with their employers or with local schools.

According to research by the Modern Families Index, in 48% of couple households, both parents work full time. A report issued by Relate, the relationships charity, showed that work pressures overlap into family life, and relationships and wellbeing are under strain from stress and overwhelm caused by balancing work and family.

I'm a parent too, and although my boys are young adults now, I worked throughout their childhood and totally understand what it's like to be a working parent trying to balance everything, keep your sanity and your relationship healthy, and handle the pressure and guilt that seems to come from all angles. Once they were older, I explored my interest in psychology and qualified as a transformational life coach. I wish I had known back then what I understand now.

So, I want to share it and help working parents to feel less overwhelmed and more in control, to have a good work/life balance (whatever that looks like for you), less stress and anxiety, and strong family relationships.

The coaching program for working parents starts with the free workshop, with opportunities to join a group coaching program or have 1-1 coaching. It's not about parenting skills, or teaching you how to become a better parent. The focus is on you, your wellbeing, and your work life balance that enables you (and your family) to be happier and healthier.

The free Working Parents Workshop is offered in partnership with schools, parent groups and employers in the Hertfordshire and Cambridge area. If you would like to know more please get in touch. You can also download the leaflet here.