We can help you to have a happy workplace and get the best from your people

If you employ people or manage a team, then you already know that a business is only as strong as it's people, your greatest asset can also be your biggest challenge.

You need someone who can really get beneath the surface of your people, understand your team relationships, and see how everyone is coping with stress at work or everyday life.

We help you by assessing the unique needs of your people, creating a bespoke solution, and providing staff coaching, either 1-1 or in groups, as well as soft skills training to develop your team.

Avoid expensive problems such as:

  • Difficult workplace relationships
  • Conflict and office politics
  • Sickness absence and stress
  • Poor performance
  • High employee turnover
  • Disengagement and low morale
  • Lower standard of customer service

Our specialist focus areas to avoid and resolve these problems include:

  • Building team connection
  • Managing change and transition
  • Keeping remote workers connected
  • Stress Management
  • Maintaining healthy team relationships
  • Resolving conflict
  • Communication
  • Post-promotion leadership skills

We offer a free one-hour consultancy service to focus on any specific problems for your team, or to identify needs and areas for development.

Our expert facilitators are currently available for:

  • Ad hoc - Consultancy, coaching and training facilitation when you need us, on an hourly or daily rate
  • Retained - Purchase a set number of  hours per month (which can be banked)
  • Project - Bespoke services to achieve your desired outcomes within a set time

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