Positive, healthy relationships with friends, family, partner, and with ourselves, are essential to our happiness and wellbeing.

Do you need help with:

  • Re-connecting with your partner
  • Repairing a family fall out
  • Managing a toxic friendship
  • Having better relationships at work
  • Emotional hangover from old relationships
  • Moving on after a break up or divorce

All programs give you the chance to experience powerful 1-1 coaching, with support via email, phone and Whatsapp. The first step is to have a free introduction call, and we'll create a bespoke program for you. Here are some examples of the transformations you can expect.

Relationship Rescue

Do you need a relationship rescue?

  • Trouble communicating with your partner
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Different goals and values
  • No longer having fun together
  • Relationship feeling strained
  • Trust issues

If you value your relationship, make it a priority and you can overcome all of these problems. This is a solution focused program that you can experience by yourself, or along with your partner. Either way, you'll see your relationship transformed.

The transformation:

  • Better communication in your relationship
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Master your emotions
  • Become more resilient as a couple
  • Enjoy a positive, healthy relationship

Get in touch to find out more or apply for the program. Great for fixing family fall-outs too.

Let It Go

Are you being haunted by an old relationship? Does this sound familiar?

  • Your old relationship gets in the way of a new one
  • Lack of closure
  • Things left unsaid
  • Repeating old relationship patterns
  • Unable to let go
  • Still hung up on your ex
  • Sabotaging new relationships

If the ghost of an old relationship stands between you and the happiness you seek, it's time to figure out why so you can move on.

The transformation:

  • Understand your old relationship
  • Stop repeating old behaviours
  • Understand how you show up in relationships
  • Stop sabotaging your relationships
  • Let go of the past and move on

Are you ready to let go?  Get in touch to find out more or apply for the program

Friendship Detox

Do you have a toxic friendship? If you recognise any of these symptoms then it's time for a detox.

  • Draining on your energy
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Criticism (especially in front of others)
  • Unhealthy competitiveness or jealousy
  • Constant drama
  • It just feels like hard work!

Toxic friendships can drain you physically and emotionally, and be harmful to your healthier relationships. It's time to take back the power.

The transformation:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Master your emotions
  • Understand your relationship
  • Feel more in control
  • Make a choice to fix the friendship, or let it go

Are you being drained by a toxic friendship? Get in touch to find out more or apply for the program

Moving On

Have you recently been through a break up or divorce? It's a huge life change, but you can handle it and move forward. Right now you might be:

  • Feeling betrayed or let down
  • Anxious about the future
  • Angry or hurt
  • Feeling as though life is out of control
  • Confused, with unanswered questions

Let me help you get to a place of acceptance, where you're feeling positive about the future.

The transformation:

  • Acceptance
  • Manage your emotions
  • Take control of your future
  • Build confidence and resilience
  • Let go and move forward

Are you ready to feel excited about the future?  Get in touch to find out more or apply for the program