Why Choose an Online Life Coaching Program?

One-to-one coaching can be life changing, but working with an experienced, professional coach is not possible for everyone. The financial and time commitment needed can sometimes be a barrier to starting a coaching program that could potentially change your life. And that's a real shame.

So I designed a way that you can work with me and still fit within your budget and availability. Think of it as being similar to distance learning with your own personal tutor, and you'll get the idea. This isn't a group program, it's individual coaching but without the 'live' coaching sessions.  After an initial strategy call to explore your goals and challenges, you'll get my help in a way that suits your budget. And because there are no 'sessions' you only need a small weekly time commitment, so you can easily fit this into your busy life. This isn't an online course where you're left to work through it by yourself, you will still have my personal support.

Book an introduction call below and let's create your program together.