What is life coaching?

Life coaching helps you to make positive changes in your life. Sometimes we need help to see things from a different perspective, and a non-judgemental space to think, so we can make those changes. I work with professional women who want more from life, with a satisfying career, fulfilling relationships, and time for themselves.

My vision for my clients is all about self belief, success and happiness. We each have a very different idea of what success and happiness means for us, and I'll ask you the questions to help you explore that, understand what's getting in the way, and take steps towards having the life, career and relationships you really want.

Programs include all resources, 1-1 coaching sessions, and access to support via email and Whatsapp. Coaching will be in Hertfordshire, either at a luxury hotel or, if you prefer, walk and talk coaching at a lakeside.

Before beginning a coaching program we have an introduction session to make sure we're a good fit, and to get clear on what you want from coaching. This session is free and you can get in touch to arrange this using the form below.

Life Coaching, leadership coaching, workplace relationships, employee wellbeing. Ruth L Randall Hertfordshire

Current Programs

Transform - The life transformation program £595

The Transform Program is a complete life transformation process. This is the program for you if you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or seem to be going in circles, getting nowhere. This program empowers you to completely change your life. You can:

  • Be crystal clear on what you want from life
  • Build confidence and self-belief
  • Have a more positive mindset
  • Take control of your life, make changes and get unstuck
  • Feel more fulfilled in your career and relationships
  • Live the lifestyle you want
  • Do more of what makes you happy

The program requires at least 6 hours of commitment from you for 1-1 coaching sessions. All resources, 1-1 sessions, and support via email and Whatsapp are included. Get in touch using the form below for more information.

The Transform Program is also available as a VIP day.

Love Your Life - The online community £FREE

Are you fed up with negativity in your newsfeed? Then you'll love our Facebook community. It's all about sharing inspiration, celebrating our successes, thinking and reflecting, motivating, and uplifting each other.

A positive space to share thoughts, set your goals and intentions, and get encouragement from like-minded people.

Come and join us, you'll be very welcome.

Change - The online transformation program £195

A six week online program based on the Transform Program. It's all about success and happiness, and living life the way you really want to.

  • Week 1: Get clarity on what you really want from life
  • Week 2: Identify the gaps between where you are now, and where you want to be
  • Week 3: Understand what's getting in your way
  • Week 4: See things from a new perspective
  • Week 5: Take control of your life and start making changes
  • Week 6: Reflect, celebrate and plan your next steps

This isn't just a course for you to download and do by yourself. You'll have personal support from me by email throughout the six week program, to answer any questions, help you get past any challenges, or celebrate your breakthroughs with you. Use the button below to contact me for more details. This is an ongoing course, so you can start as soon as you are ready.