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We currently offer the following free talks and taster sessions, subject to location and availability. Please use the form below or schedule a call to find out more.

Employee Wellbeing Taster Sessions

An opportunity for your employees to experience our Life Coaching for Employee Wellbeing Program, with taster sessions where your employees can talk through any challenges, find solutions and develop ways to manage stress and become more resilient. It's also a great opportunity for employers to experience the positive impact of the Life Coaching for Employee Wellbeing Program.

Introduction to Employee Wellbeing (for Managers)

Many managers feel out of their depth when it comes to employee wellbeing or mental health. This free training session helps managers to feel more confident with the subject, set the foundations for supporting mental health and employee wellbeing, and identify areas where further training is needed.

Wellbeing at Work (for employees)

This free interactive talk introduces wellbeing at work and stress management, enabling employees to reflect on their wellbeing and develop ways to manage stress at work. Feedback is also given to managers afterwards to help identify team wellbeing needs.

Life Coaching Introduction Call

Interested in finding out how life coaching could help you? Let's have a conversation.