We currently offer the following free one-hour workshops and coaching, subject to location and availability. Please use the form below to get in touch and find out more.

Life Coaching Consultation Call

Interested in finding out how life coaching could help you? Please visit the Life Coaching page to find out more.

Group Coaching Workshop for Working Parents

Group workshop with a focus on work/life balance, wellbeing, and family relationships. Helping working parents to feel less overwhelmed, more in control, have less stress and anxiety and a better work/life balance. Available for schools, PTA, parent groups, and employers.

A Different Perspective (for employees)

This free interactive talk enables employees to reflect on their mental wellbeing and what causes them stress both in and outside of work, and develop ways to reduce the impact of stress or make lifestyle changes to improve their wellbeing.

Introduction to Employee Wellbeing (for Managers)

Many managers feel out of their depth when it comes to employee wellbeing or mental health. This free training session helps managers to feel more confident with the subject, set the foundations for supporting mental health and employee wellbeing, and identify areas where further training is needed.