coach supervision, raise your game

Space to reflect and raise your game

If you’re a coach working with individual clients or running group coaching programs, Coach Supervision provides a space for you to bring your coaching into the spotlight, and raise your game as a coach in service of your clients. Working with a Coach Supervisor on a regular basis helps you to get different perspectives on your coaching, and can transform the work you do with your clients. It will help you to grow as a coaching professional, while giving you space to reflect, explore and expand your self-awareness as a coach.

This definition from the International Centre for Coaching Supervision sums it up very well:

Coaching supervision is a collaborative, reflective conversation in which the supervisor and supervisee engage in an exploration of the supervisee’s work with to help them grow, flourish and enjoy their work as a coach whilst also ensuring the quality and integrity of their work for their clients, the systems they work within and the coaching profession as a whole.

International Centre for Coaching Supervision

I’ve been supervising coaches since 2018, and have trained with the International Centre for Coaching Supervision. I’m confident that I can support you to view your coaching through different lenses, and help you develop further as a coach, regardless of your niche or level of experience.

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