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Starting a business to fulfil your life vision, purpose, or passion?

What's important to you?

Follow your passion

Create a business that excites and inspires you, something you feel driven to do

Do the work you love

Spend your days doing the things that bring you joy and getting paid to do them

Find your purpose

Share your unique gifts with the world, and find meaning and satisfaction in your work

Let's make it happen!

Planning on starting a business but can’t get past the ideas stage? You’ll stay on track and get there faster with a coach and mentor to help you strategise and focus.

It can be easy to get caught up in being busy doing the things that don’t really move you forward. If you’re trying to start a business alongside a job, as well as all the other things in life that need your attention, then clarity and focus on the right things is even more important so you don’t spread your time and energy to thinly while exhausting yourself in the process.  Busy-ness and procrastination are often symptoms of self-doubt, or simply not knowing what you should really be focusing on.

The Business Momentum Programme helps you develop a clear vision, strategy, and implementation plan, while doing the important inner work to become a resilient business owner. With small group sessions you won’t just have my guidance and expertise, you’ll benefit from peer support, brainstorming and ideas sharing with other emerging business owners. You’ll generate momentum together.

The premium programme includes 1-1 coaching sessions too, so you can deep-dive into anything that needs more attention, or spend more time on the inner work.


I’ve made all the mistakes and learned from them, and have hands on experience of what its like to start from the ground up, from idea to reality when you’re the one doing everything yourself. Over the years I’ve had to learn about marketing, sales, operations and finance, as well as how to create and deliver on a strategy. I want to share this with you.

My clients have started and grown a variety of businesses – coaching practices, wellness businesses, creative workshops, floristry, and even a gundog training school. My clients like my down-to-earth, practical and pragmatic approach.

You won’t see me posting inspirational quotes on Instagram, sharing photos of me with my laptop working from the beach, promising you a six figure business, or talking about my fabulous lifestyle. You don’t need all that stuff. Let’s be real, and just get on and do the work, and help you get to where you want to be.

I left a secure job in litigation in the 90s to start my first business to fit around my young family, and years later in 2015 I left a progressing career in social care to start my coaching and consultancy business. I now run this alongside being second-in-command at one of the UK’s top life coach training providers.

  • Live online business mentoring group every month – develop a strategy and stay on track
  • Mentoring on key business topics, and your 30, 60, 90 day strategy – clarity and direction
  • Business Momentum online courses – learning you can put into practice
  • Online coworking space – avoid isolation and get things done
  • Private community platform – I don’t host groups on Facebook, so no ads or distractions
  • Monthly subscription, stay for as long as you like, and leave when it feels right for you
  • Everything in the Business Momentum Programme, plus
  • 1-1 monthly coaching/mentoring blend for a deeper dive and personal support
  • Private coaching/mentoring for 3, 6, or 12 months – your choice
  • Monthly instalments available

The investment in yourself and your business is:

  • Business Momentum Group Programme including all features £30 per month
  • Business Momentum Premium including all features of the group programme PLUS monthly 1-1 coaching/mentoring PLUS access to my support between sessions:
    • 3 months £540
    • 6 months £1080
    • 12 months £2160
  • Instalments of £180 per month available

You can apply for the next enrolment by clicking the orange button below. You’ll see a form asking a couple of questions to help you think about what you’d like to get from working with me, and then you can book a 1-1 consultation call. It’s important to see if we’re the right fit for each other, and to make sure you’re going get the most from working with me, and achieve the results you want.

One to one mentoring is often available earlier than the next group enrolment

It's time to set things in motion