My mission is to help people to transform their experience of life and work.

About Me:

A few years ago I was feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and unhappy, but didn't have the confidence to change anything. It felt impossible. Thanks to coaching, I realised I could change my self-talk, get out of my own way and achieve whatever I wanted. I started to believe in myself, left a job that had become more frustrating than it was fulfilling, and changed my life. Now I help my clients to do the same. I trained in Transformational Coaching with the ICF Accredited Animas Centre for Coaching, and have since become an ICF Credentialled Coach (ACC).

I provide a person-centred, non-judgemental space for my clients to think, reflect, and focus on taking control of their lives to be happier and healthier. Clients can choose walk and talk coaching sessions as well as online coaching, or simply meeting somewhere calm and quiet. I work in Hertfordshire, Cambridge and London, or online with clients from anywhere in the world.

About My Clients:

My clients are usually busy professionals who are feeling overwhelmed or stuck. They know something needs to change but they can't see how, so they keep running endlessly on the same treadmill every day until eventually, they burn themselves out. Relationships suffer, health suffers and life becomes an unfulfilling cycle. If this sounds familiar, I can help you too.

If there's anything else you want to know, just ask.  You can contact me by email at, use the contact form, or click the button below to arrange a free introduction call.

Ruth Randall Life Coach. Life coaching Hertfordshire