My mission is to help people to have a better experience of life and work.

About Me:

A few years ago I was feeling stuck, my confidence was low, and I didn't feel as though I could change anything. It felt impossible. Thanks to coaching I realised I could change my self-talk, get out of my own way and take control of my life and my happiness. Now I help my clients to do the same. I trained in Transformational Coaching with the ICF Accredited Animas Centre for Coaching, and have since become an ICF Credentialled Coach (ACC). I'm also proud to be part of the team at Animas, supporting their new coaches with mentoring and supervision.

About You:

My clients are diverse and this is one of the things that makes life so interesting. Individual clients might be looking to make career or lifestyle changes, manage stress, or have more confidence and self-belief. Organisations that work with me are forward-thinking, prioritising wellbeing by taking a proactive approach. They recognise that not all stress and health problems are work related, and are looking for a more person centred approach. Something my clients all have in common though is an open mind and willingness to try something different. If this is you, I'd love to hear from you.

About Ruth Randall Coaching:

The business started in 2016 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, as a life coaching practice driven by a desire to help people get the most from their lives. Recurring themes brought to coaching sessions by clients have steered the direction of the business into improving people's experience at work too.

I remain very much focused on creating transformations for clients as individuals, and see employers as partners in creating these changes. Private life coaching and personal development are still at the core of the business.

If there's anything else you want to know, just ask.  You can contact me here.

Client experiences

Ruth is very down to earth and has a great deal of knowledge. So rating Ruth 5 stars is pretty easy. If you want to go forward she is definite the person to be talking too.

Kevin Blumer

Made redundant from a lifelong career in the city, I was completely lost until I found Ruth. Her coaching style will open your mind to all sorts of new avenues you’ve never considered. I loved how she got me to turn my ideas into actions at the end of each of our meetings together. Now, the rest is history. Forever indebted, thank you Ruth.

Mark Taylor
Acer Gundog Training

Ruth gave me some great coaching as I started the process of creating my own business. She gave me the motivation to get on track and keep going. I would recommend her. Thanks Ruth.

Geraldine Barnard

I would heartily recommend Ruth. She helped me to define some very specific actions when my thinking was a bit of a blur. Ruth was encouraging and supportive. Ruth gave me the space to make sense of my thinking, and I always left the session feeling motivated, inspired and confident. I have come a significant distance down a path that I would have found it very difficult to navigate without coaching, and Ruth’s insights and support.

Louise Whillock