I’m on a mission to help people be happy and fulfilled in their life, work and relationships.

A few years ago I was feeling stuck, and couldn’t see a way to change anything. Thanks to transformational coaching I realised I could take control of my life and my happiness. I got out of my own way, got clear on what I really wanted, learned to believe in myself more, and started along a new path. Now I help my clients to do the same. I trained in Transformational Coaching with the ICF Accredited Animas Centre for Coaching, and have since become an ICF Credentialed Coach (ACC). I’m proud to now be part of the team at Animas, the UK’s number one coaching school, helping more people to experience the life changing impact of transformational coaching.

I also love writing and having conversations about wellbeing and personal development, so I’m very fortunate to be on the expert panel for Jessie Pavelka’s health and wellbeing website, the Pavelka House.

My clients are usually busy professionals, and are often in the same place I was a few years ago. Feeling stuck, but without any clarity on what or how they might make a change, and sometimes lacking the confidence to take the first steps. Often, getting to where you want to be isn’t just about the clarity and focus, but it’s also about finding the parts of yourself that will help you to get there..

Something my clients all have in common though is a commitment to making positive changes. If this is you, I’d love to hear from you.

My coaching style is very much about listening, getting to the heart of the matter, breaking it down, and then helping you plan and move forward purposefully.

My own version of happiness includes walking in the countryside or by the sea, connecting with my two grown-up sons, or spending time with my husband Rob and our four cats. Alone time for me, other than walking, is usually spent reading or experimenting with something creative, and always with a big mug of tea!

If there’s anything else you want to know about me, just ask.  You can see what I’m up to by following me on Instagram, or you can use the button below to book a call with me.