How To Get Focused and Keep Motivated During Autumn

It’s starting to feel like Autumn now isn’t it? It can be harder to motivate yourself when it’s a little bit chillier in the mornings or the darker evenings start to creep in, and it can be tempting to spend more time indoors. Unhealthy habits and behaviours can sneak up on us, so there’s even more reason to make sure you make time for you and the things that nourish and uplift you. So here’s a challenge for you.

Every day for the next week:

  • Notice something to be grateful for.
  • Have fun. Do something that lets your inner child out to play.
  • Find time to do something that’s just for you.

Autumn can be a time for changes as children start school or university, life returns to normal after the summer holidays and people set their intentions for the rest of the year. It seems to be a busy time for new projects too. When setting goals, make sure it’s something that really excites and inspires you. Otherwise you might find it hard to keep motivated, especially with the busy festive season coming up.

So is there anything in particular you’re focusing on at the moment? Please get in touch if you’d like some help?

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