How to Prepare For Your First Coaching Session

Your first coaching session can be a reason for excitement but may lead to feelings of nervousness.  Excited that you’re going to be making some changes to your life, but also nervous about exactly what happens, what will you be asked or what to do you need to do.  Even little things like what should you bring and where do you need to go can cause anxiety.

I want to make sure you are perfectly comfortable before attending your first session with me.  We will have spoken on the phone previously , on our discovery call, to see if we are a good fit together.  Our call will, hopefully, have given us a chance to break the ice.

Check the Tech

Technology can cause great anxiety if it doesn’t work.  I recommend to clients that if we’re going to be online or on the phone, to make sure their phone has plenty of battery life.  Video calls have a habit of draining your battery!. If you’re using Skype or a similar video call service, log in a few minutes early.

These things have a habit of doing an update just before you start your call!

Walk and Talk

If we have arranged a Walk & Talk then do dress for your comfort and the weather. If the weather is bad then I’ll contact you in plenty of time to arrange an alternative location to meet.  

Think about what you would like to focus on during the session

This could be specific challenges you want to address, or goals you are working towards. But whereas, say, a business coach would work with you on a practical level, steering you through actions to reach that goal, I’ll help you understand what’s holding you back from reaching that goal.

Your focus might be simply that you want a space to explore your thoughts and feelings, and that’s okay too. Just have an idea of what you want to talk about during the conversation, and what you would want to achieve from coaching.

You might have an overall goal for our time working together, but if something else has come up that feels more important right now then you can bring this up. It’s your agenda so you get what you need from our time together.

Throughout our sessions I will not only be listening to your words.  I’ll also pay attention to how you are talking, your mannerisms and body language, all of which give a lot away about your current state.  I’ll help you understand what’s holding you back from reaching that goal.

Bring a notebook and pen

Have you ever got home from a meeting and forgotten some of the important points.  That’s why I recommend to all my clients that they bring a notebook and pen.

You might want to take a note of anything that comes up during the coaching conversation.  You may decide on some actions you want to take and want to write them down so that you remember.  

If we are having a ‘walk and talk’ meeting this might not apply, but we can always stop and sit if you want to make some notes.

Arrange some time to reflect

The time after your coaching session is just as important as the session itself.  

You might be full of ideas and inspiration, or you may be processing some thoughts and feelings that have come up. If you can, allow yourself some time after the meeting or in the following few days where you can reflect.

Ready for your first coaching session with me? Send me a message at and we can have a chat about working together.

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