What is a Transformational Life Coach?

Life may not be happening quite as you want; you have a goal but you never hit it or perhaps you’re not even sure what you want in life.  You could be feeling stuck, unfulfilled but unsure of how to move forward.

Beliefs, values, self-worth and esteem will have a great bearing of whether your hopes and desires come to light.  In fact, these angles of self-development may even have buried aspirations that a you once had.  Those aspirations may still be there deep down, but because you’re not being your true self, those dreams remain concealed.

Transformational coaching goes deeper

Coaching provides a non-judgemental, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client, a space to share thoughts, challenges, and goals. Transformational coaching goes deeper, to explore beliefs and values and how these shape our experience of life, and our behaviours.

Transformational coaching isn’t just about sessions, it’s an ongoing process, a journey of self-exploration and self-awareness, that enables lasting changes to be made.

As a transformational coach, what I’ll do is help you become aware of your thoughts, your beliefs and values and how they get in your way, and then work with you to make change. 

Helping you process and progress

Transformational life coaching is about helping you process and progress. For some, it may be boosting self-esteem, whilst for others it may be overcoming anxiety and doubt.  It’s more than just helping you reach a goal.  Whereas, say, a business coach would work with you on a practical level, steering you through actions to reach that goal, I’ll help you understand what’s holding you back from reaching that goal.

Throughout our sessions I will not only be listening to your words.  I’ll also pay attention to how you are talking, your mannerisms and body language, all of which give a lot away about your current state.

Trust is paramount

The relationship between a client and their coach is paramount.  Trust in me as your coach is the basis for a genuine working relationship because you need to allow me to help you discover your limiting beliefs, your negative thoughts and the behaviours that keep you stuck where you are.  But once discovered, I’ll support you on your journey through change.

Does transformational life coaching sound like something that would work for you?  Schedule an introduction call with me here and we can talk about the possibility of working together.

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