How To Have A Positive Mindset and Make Your Life Feel Easier


Having a positive mindset makes life feel easier, but as well as the emotional benefits, there are physical and social ones too. Here are some simple tips to shift negativity and have a more positive mindset.

Notice your thoughts

Start to pay attention to your thoughts, especially if you tend to overthink things. If you are running through all the possible negative outcomes of something in your head, then you’ll not only cause yourself stress or anxiety, but you could even affect the outcome by the way your thinking causes you to behave. Spot when this is happening and instead of running this dialogue, practice thinking of possible positive outcomes instead.

Pay attention to your language

What language do you use when you talk about yourself or events? Do you tend to focus on negatives in situations or conversations with people? Or use language like ‘things never work out’, ‘nothing ever goes right’, or even just saying things like ‘that’s typical’? We can get into habits of using this type of language without realising that subconsciously this can cause negatives feelings.

Pay attention to your language and practice stopping yourself before an automatic response comes out of your mouth (or even just in your head). Choose something more positive to say or if you can’t think of anything positive to say, don’t say anything. Gradually, with practice, your language patterns will start to change and you’ll notice how much better it feels.


Expressing gratitude is actually an ancient practice that helps create a positive mindset. It takes no longer to appreciate something that it does to complain about something, so make this a daily practice. You could start by noticing 3 things you are grateful for each morning, and 3 more at the end of the day to help you go to bed in a positive mood. Far better than having all that negative stuff running through your head when you’re trying to sleep.

Get outside

I’m a nature lover so this had to be included, but one of the reasons I often work with clients outside while we’re walking is because of the benefits we get from being out in the fresh air, experiencing the simplicity and calming effects of nature, and having space for clear thinking. Give yourself a break and get outside for a short walk or just sit somewhere peaceful and give yourself space to reflect.

Spend time with positive people

If you’ve heard the phrase ‘you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with’, then you’ll know that the company we keep can massively affect our mindset. Being around people who are in a negative frame of mind can draw you into their way of thinking, and can drain your energy. On the other hand, people who are positive and uplifting leave you feeling inspired and motivated. Choose who you give your time to as much as you can, and enjoy the energy of positive people. As your outlook starts to become more positive you will naturally appeal to other positive people, and you’ll feel less affected by others’ negativity.

Enjoy practising, and see how different you feel after a few days. If you need some help shifting your negative thoughts or developing your new positive way of thinking, you can contact me here.

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