How to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Give Yourself a Break

Things not going to plan? Feeling stressed, too busy, or overwhelmed? Stop beating yourself up, and give yourself a break.

We can be our own worst critics, setting a really high standard for ourselves, and piling on the pressure. If things don’t work out we end up feeling guilty or frustrated that we didn’t achieve all the things we set out to do, or feel disappointed that we didn’t meet our expectations. Then we start beating ourselves up, and the negative voice in our heads gets louder.

Do you recognise this in yourself? If so then you’re certainly not alone. It’s something I work on a lot with coaching clients, and it’s a habit I can easily fall back into myself too.

Life can be difficult enough without being so tough on yourself all the time, so give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself and give yourself permission to do, or to be, whatever you need to.

Give yourself permission to:

  • Ask for help. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
  • Fail sometimes. It’s proof we’re trying, and it’s how we learn.
  • Feel ‘negative’ emotions. It’s human to get annoyed, disappointed or frustrated sometimes.
  • Take a break, give yourself a day off. Seriously the world will be okay without you for a day.
  • Do the things you enjoy. Putting others first is great, but sometimes it has to be about you.
  • Rest and recuperate. Listen to your body when it tells you enough is enough.
  • Dream. From our dreams comes the motivation to take action.

So, give yourself a break, stop beating yourself up, and give yourself permission for whatever you need.

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