How to Achieve Your Goals Without Losing Motivation

The best way to achieve something is to set a clear goal, break it down into small steps, and then take action. Sounds easy, but sometimes it can feel difficult to identify a clear goal, or to figure out what you need to do to get there.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals:

Figure out what you really want – Being clear on what you really want is essential to planning your goals. If you’re not quite sure on what you want to achieve, or what you want to change, there are several tools you can use for this including the wheel of life, or work with a coach or mentor. Look at the areas of your life where you want to make changes, and then get really clear on what your ideal situation would be, so you know exactly what you’re heading towards.

Know your ‘Why’ – Even if you know what you want to achieve, have you thought about why you really want it? Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you think. What will it really mean to you when you achieve that goal? For example, if the goal is to start your own business, what is the reason? If it’s so that you can have freedom and flexibility with your working hours, what does that freedom give you? More time with family, space to follow your interests and passions? This is your ‘why’. Knowing your ‘why’ will keep you motivated if it gets tough.

Be clear about your starting point – Before you begin any journey it’s important to know exactly where you’re starting from in relation to your destination. A map is no use if you don’t know where you are to begin with. So think about where you are now in relation to your goal. This is how you’ll figure out the first steps you’ll need to take to move towards your ideal outcome.

Create a flexible plan – So you know where you’re going, you know where you’re starting from, so now all you need to do it figure out the route from A-B. Just like planning a journey, be prepared to change your plans sometimes, and keep focused on your destination. You’ll get there so long as you keep moving towards it.

Take one step at a time – Sometimes your goal might seem too far away or the steps you need to take feel too overwhelming. Break your plan down into simple steps, focus on taking one step at a time and celebrate every success, each step towards your goal. Regularly stop and look back to acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Most importantly, celebrate all successes and give yourself permission to change your goals if they no longer fit. Work with a coach, get an accountability partner, or join a group of people with similar goals, to help to keep you focused and on track towards your goal.

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