How Can a Vision Board Help You?

A couple of weeks ago I felt inspired to spend some time doing something creative and making a new vision board felt like the right thing to do. I love anything where I can look at pictures, choosing and cutting out, so I had lots of fun, but it was also about reflecting on what’s important to me, and the experiences I want to have. The board is displayed on my wall where I’ll see it and be inspired by it every day.  A few people have since asked me to run a vision board workshop, so I’ll share details of the next one on my social media. You can follow me on social media using the icons on the left.

In the meantime here’s what I learned from the experience:

I’m more motivated by experiences than possessions

I kind of knew this anyway, but looking at my vision board there are only a few material things that I want to own, and much more experiences, circumstances and feelings.

Some of the things that seemed impossible in my head feel much more possible now I can see them

In the same way that writing your ideas down and making plan helps you to see things more clearly, just looking at the pictures on my vision board has made some things feel much more achievable.

Loving life now is more important than dreaming of the future

I realised that I already have some of the things that I considered important, and others will be easy to bring into my life now so I can enjoy them. Everything else, I can work towards.

A vision is great, but it needs action

I’ve already started mapping out the action steps I can take to make some of the things on my vision board a reality.

I would love to know what would be on your vision board, and whether there are some things you already haveor others that would be easy to bring into your life. Let me know if you need some help to get there, or you’d like to join a vision board workshop. You can contact me here.

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