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What Happened to Your Newsletter?

I was asked this question by someone yesterday and it took me by surprise. I honestly didn't think anyone would have noticed. Clearly I was wrong!

So, just in case anyone else was wondering, I thought it would be good to update everyone here. It's true, the newsletter hasn't gone out for a couple of months now, and if you (like the lady who asked me about it yesterday) had been enjoying the regular articles and tips I usually share with you, then I apologise for being absent for a while.

I've still been here, still working with clients, giving talks at events, and still connecting with people through the Love Your Life Club Facebook Group. But, there have been so many things going on that there just hasn't been enough time to give everything the attention it needed. That's all set to change now, so my thanks to you for sticking with me.

So what's new? Well the website has changed quite a lot, hopefully it's much clearer to find out about the packages and services I offer, easier to find your way around, and simpler to get in touch with me or follow my social media. I've updated all the programs I offer to make sure that they meet the needs of my wonderful clients, and I'm launching a new Group Success Program for women in business, to run alongside the 1-1 program. There will also be some more free webinars coming soon. If there's something you'd like to see covered in a webinar or an article, please get in touch and let me know.

You can still get your usual dose of Monday Motivation, through the Facebook Group and page, and the newsletter will be back, with more mindset tips, inspiration and things to reflect on. It's more likely that you'll hear from me by email monthly now rather than weekly, unless of course I get really excited about something and want to share it with you. But there will always be things going on in the Facebook group.

If you're not yet on the newsletter mailing list and would like to join, or need to update your details, you can add your name and email below.

Thanks again for patiently sticking with me.

Ruth Randall is a Life and Leadership Coach, and Team Development Specialist. Ruth works with teams to help them to build trust, develop strong working relationships, manage stress, and increase productivity and job satisfaction. She also coaches individual clients who want to make changes in their lives, careers and relationships.