Where Is Your Self-Esteem?

The subjects of self esteem and self-confidence are something that come up a lot in coaching.  So my question is, where is your self-esteem, and is it really about you, or something else?

If you know that your self-esteem is low then this something that you can work on through talking therapies and coaching, to identify where the low self-esteem comes from, and work on changing it. But something I notice is that people’s self-esteem is often attached to things, rather than truly being about themselves.

For example, if your sense of self-esteem and worth comes from the house you own, or the car you drive, the money you earn, your job status or the lifestyle you live, then how would you be if those things were no longer there? If you can honestly say that your self-worth and self-belief would still be as strong without those things, then that’s good. But if you doubt that, then it may be that your self-esteem is attached to that property or status, so without them you might find that your esteem is affected. This is where it can become a problem.

I encourage you to think about it, to work on your self-esteem and learn to love yourself for who you are, not where you are or what you have.

If you would like some help with your self-esteem, please get in touch.

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