What do you do when life becomes too busy?


Do you ever remove yourself from the hustle of daily life?

I’m not talking about retreats or holidays, but I’m wondering whether you ever get the chance to get away from the constant influx of information and ‘noise’. Do you think you could make a commitment to yourself to disconnect in some way, even if it’s just for an hour? If so, what would you do? Meditation, walking, or just going ‘unplugged’ for a few hours.

Thanks to the convenience of technology, we are always connected to each other, and constantly bombarded with pictures, messages, news, and advertising. Outside of our homes we rush through crowded supermarkets and shopping centres, with people handing us leaflets, asking us to take part in a survey, or collecting for charity. Bright billboards are everywhere, offering the latest movie or encouraging us to buy a must-have product. Each shop is playing different music as you walk from one to another, other people’s conversations, your phone ringing. Have you ever thought about how much your brain is having to filter out every second of the day? No wonder people are so stressed and overwhelmed.

But yesterday, I decided to have a disconnected day. I didn’t switch on my phone or laptop all day, and the TV didn’t go on either. No shopping or rushing through crowds or queueing in traffic. I’m not ashamed to say I spent a whole day reading, drinking tea, chatting with hubby, and being pestered by cats (cat lady alert!). Guess what? The world didn’t end, I didn’t miss anything important. I survived without reading anyone’s Facebook posts, checking emails, or going in a shop. And I had a day of peace.

So write it in your diary now, when will you find some time to disconnect yourself from the noise of the world? I’d love to hear what you decide to do.


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