how to change your mindset

How Can You Change Your Mindset

A while ago I ran some short videos on my Facebook page which were tips for changing your life. After spending Saturday at a conference for life coaches, many of whom were still in training but passionate about changing their lives and helping others to do the same, it seems a good time to revisit those tips in more detail.

Today let’s look at the first step, Change Your Mindset.

Often when we try to make changes in our lives, doubt creeps in, our inner critic pops up, our brain uses fear to keep us safely in our comfort zone, and we become super-talented at making excuses, or finding reasons why we can’t do something. A great way to do this is to use external circumstances as a reason, because then we can avoid responsibility for taking any action. Much easier than actually changing your life, right?

Seriously, stop it!

Yes there will be some things that are beyond your control, and some things you can’t change, but instead of focusing on those, think about what you can change, and do something about that instead. Take ownership of your life. There will be challenges, but take responsibility for finding the solutions. If you don’t believe that you can do it, then find someone who does, or work with a coach or mentor who will help you overcome whatever is keeping you stuck, and encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone may be safe and familiar, but it’s small, there’s not room for you to grow. A butterfly has to leave it’s safe cocoon before it can open it’s wings and fly. This doesn’t happen overnight, we’ve spent our whole life developing our current beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Transformations and mindset changes like this can take time, you may need help, and I love being able to help people with this. My biggest tip is at the bottom of the page, and it was something I had to learn myself, as it was my biggest barrier.

You can view the videos on the Facebook Page here

My biggest tip for today? ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’. What does that mean for you?

Ruth Randall is a Life and Leadership Coach, and Team Development Specialist. Ruth works with teams to help them to build trust, develop strong working relationships, manage stress, and increase productivity and job satisfaction. She also coaches individual clients who want to make changes in their lives, careers and relationships.