Are you always really busy?

Something that’s been coming up in conversations a lot this week is time. Do you ever catch yourself saying that there’s never enough time, or not doing the things you really want to because you can’t find the time?

Our lives are increasingly busier, we’re constantly bombarded with advertising that encourages us to do more or have more. The technology that was designed to make our lives easier has become another drain on our time. Life becomes cluttered, stressful and sometimes overwhelming, always rushing to the next thing.

As a life coach it’s not my role to give advice, more to ask you questions to find your own answers, but if I could give one piece of advice about time, that would be simply, ‘STOP!’

What do you mean you don’t have time to stop? Just for a second, stop!

If you’re splashing around in the sea, creating waves around you, you’ll be working really hard just to stay afloat without getting anywhere, just seeing more waves and turbulence. But when you stop and the sea is still, you can see clearly and either swim purposefully in the direction of your focus, or just gently go with the flow. Makes sense right? So stop crashing around in those waves and see what you notice.


So here are three questions about time for you to reflect on this week when you’re still for a moment. Let me know what you come up with.

Is all this activity really necessary? If not, then why do you think you’re allowing yourself to be so busy? (Yes it really is you allowing yourself to be busy, even if it feels hard to take responsibility and own your choices)

Which activities from your week could you really do without because they just drain your time and bring nothing of value to your life? Commit to stopping or cutting down on at least three of them each week but make sure you re-use that time wisely.

And just to raise your motivation for doing this exercise …

If I gave you an extra hour every day, what would you do with it? Get excited about it. If you really pay attention to taking action on the first two questions, you will have that hour.

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“Being still and doing nothing are completely different things”

– Jackie Chan

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