Are you suffering from work/life interference?

You’ve probably heard of work/life balance, and ways to manage your work life and your home life to achieve some kind of balance between the two for your health and wellbeing. In fact this is something that many of my client’s bring to coaching, particularly it seems working parents or small business owners, who often struggle and try to do too much at once, and end up stressed and overwhelmed.

What I’m noticing recently, (and I’m guilty too), is work/life interference. This is when aspects of our work life manage to creep into our lives outside of work, and unfortunately the wonderful technology we use to make our lives easier, is contributing to this interference. Smart phones can be the worst offenders, through no fault of their own. The perfect example of this happened to me this morning (a Sunday). I was having a very rare and lie-in, enjoying a fresh coffee in bed with my husband, and a good book on my Kindle. Sounds like bliss doesn’t it? This is a very rare treat as generally one or other of us will have work commitments on a Sunday. My husband mentioned a TV series he wanted to watch that was coming soon, I reached for my phone to Google when it was going to be shown in the UK, and within in minutes I was reading and replying to work emails, replying to interactions on LinkedIn and Twitter, and responding to a message on Facebook. All business related, in my bed, on a Sunday morning! Can any other small business owners relate to this?  This is exactly the kind of interference that I work with my client’s to avoid, yet I was sucked in by the ease of access to my work life that was available on my phone.  The lesson learned from this? Next time I want to just quickly check something on Google, use my husband’s phone instead!

Have you ever allowed work/life interference? I’d love to hear about it.

Ruth x

Ruth Randall is a Life and Leadership Coach, and Team Development Specialist. Ruth works with teams to help them to build trust, develop strong working relationships, manage stress, and increase productivity and job satisfaction. She also coaches individual clients who want to make changes in their lives, careers and relationships.