Programs for Women in Business

Investing in yourself at any stage in your business can transform your results. You ARE your business, so it's important to focus on yourself as much as  the practical elements of your business. Do you have a mindset for success?

These programs are designed specifically for women business owners, inspired by my own experience of starting and running my business, and all the amazing female business owners I've met or worked with over the past few years. It seems that we can get sabotaged by self-doubt, frozen by fear, overwhelmed due to lack of the right support, or disheartened when we don't get the results we expect.

The Success Program was created to give you that support, and help you achieve your potential while enjoying a balanced life without overwhelm.

Ruth L Randall Life Coach Leadership Coach

Success Program VIP

The Success Program is all about you, and how you show up in your business.  Change your thinking, build confidence, push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and get the best mindset for success in your business. Business success doesn't just need technical knowledge and business skills, it comes from you. This program gives you a space to:

  • Build confidence and self-belief
  • Set clear goals towards your business vision
  • Keep motivated and overcome procrastination
  • Take action that's outside of your comfort zone
  • Reflect on progress and celebrate achievements

The Success program includes six 1-1 coaching sessions, and access to support via email and Whatsapp. Coaching will be in Hertfordshire, online, or London Kings Cross N1C. As a VIP client you'll also get free membership of the current group program and Facebook Community.

To find out more please contact me using the form below, or book your free introduction session by clicking the blue button.

Success Group Online Program - Next course start date 1st September 2017

This six week online group program makes it easy for you to:

  • Set clear goals and work towards them
  • Build confidence
  • Overcome procrastination and get things done
  • Reflect on progress and celebrate achievements
  • Avoid overwhelm
  • Make big leaps forward in your business

What's included?

  • A kickstart group strategy session
  • 'Let's Do This' Monday morning team talk every week
  • 'Reflect and Celebrate' session every Friday to review progress
  • Easy to access mobile-friendly sessions
  • Downloadable resources
  • Private Facebook group for support and accountability

Fully inclusive course fee only £99. The next course begins on 1st September with limited spaces,so apply now using this button.

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