How much time and effort do you spend sorting out issues in your team?

Does it ever seem as though people just aren't pulling together? Do you feel frustrated by constantly trying to manage issues in your team?

Productivity and customer service suffer due to poor communication, 'office politics', difficult working relationships, low morale, and lack of motivation. Often it's because people aren't getting along, they're not happy at work, or they're bringing their 'stuff' to work with them. All this means more stress for the business owner or manager.

In reality, even the best managers don't have the time to make people a priority, or perhaps don't know exactly what people need. So our facilitators work with you and your employees to develop communication and team relationships, and to improve performance and engagement.

Employees are human, and we bring the human approach to give you more time to get on with running a business. We're people experts, we understand how people think and behave, and how they relate to each other, and we specialise in working with SMEs and small teams within larger organisations. Bespoke solutions include assessments, training, group coaching, 1-1 coaching, and telephone or online support. We can work on an ad-hoc, retained, or project basis. Alternatively, check our signature program below. It might fit your needs perfectly.

An initial consultation with us is free, so there's nothing to lose, just talk to us. That conversation alone may be enough to set things on the right track.

Working Together Program

Why do you need it?

If your team members are not pulling together, there are performance issues, or there has been conflict or major change.


  • Improve morale and performance
  • Build trust and team connection
  • Reduce conflict
  • Healthier work relationships
  • Clearer communication
  • Less stress for managers

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