Online Programs

It's easy to fit coaching into your busy life with these online coaching programs.  Six week programs that can make a huge difference. You can start making those positive changes today.

Change - The Life Changes Program £195

A six week individual online program based on the Transform Program. It's all about success and happiness, and living life the way you really want to.

  • Week 1: Get clarity on what you really want from life
  • Week 2: Identify the gaps between where you are now, and where you want to be
  • Week 3: Understand what's getting in your way
  • Week 4: See things from a new perspective
  • Week 5: Take control of your life and start making changes
  • Week 6: Reflect, celebrate and plan your next steps

This isn't just a course for you to download and do by yourself. You'll have personal support from me by email throughout the six week program, to answer any questions, help you get past any challenges, or celebrate your breakthroughs with you.

Use the button below to contact me for more details. This is an ongoing course, so you can start as soon as you are ready.

Get It Done - The Stop Procrastinating Program £195

This six week group coaching program helps you to:

  • Get more focused and organised
  • Tackle your to-do list
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Set clear short term goals and achieve them
  • Make the most of your time

What's included?

  • 'Own the week' Monday morning goal setting
  • 'Review the Week' and 'Celebrate Success' every Friday
  • Easy to access mobile-friendly sessions
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Private Facebook group for support and accountability

The next course begins on 30 October, so just use the button below to email me and get on the waiting list.