6 Week Life Coaching Programs

Down to earth life coaching for busy people. Intensive 1-1 coaching to transform your confidence, career, relationships, work/life balance and more. Short-term programs with long-term results.

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VIP Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching, including 'walk and talk' programs and VIP days. Figure out what you want in life, then confidently make the changes and take the steps you need to get there.

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New Leader Program

The coaching program for women who are new to leadership, especially those recently promoted and now leading a team of their former peers. Make the transition easier, build confidence, and develop your leadership skills.

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The Inspire Leadership Program

The combined personal and professional development program for established female leaders and managers. Build on your leadership skills as you inspire your team and manage your own time and energy to achieve more.

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Team Relationships and Communication

Develop a positive company culture with strong working relationships and clear communication. Overcome the distraction of office politics and improve team performance. Mediation and conflict resolution.

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Soft Skills Training and Personal Development

Build a stronger team through personal development and soft skills training. Improve culture, performance, engagement and wellbeing. Reduce absence and employee turnover.

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